The incredible Benefits of Physiotherapy for Women’s Health

Do you know women’s health covers a multitude of subjects? Yes, from puberty, pregnancy to aging – a woman undergoes many changes. The three particular functions are unique to a woman that includes menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause.

Women today are not like those who were in the previous era. Women are independent and more competent as well. They have redefined gender roles, fight for themselves, and prove their potential to the fullest. However, in the process of fighting for their rights and carving a niche for themselves, they overlook their health.

Physiotherapy can offer incredible benefits in chronic health conditions that are seen in women. The Physiotherapist will assess the problem, and develop a customised treatment plan that can help a woman return to an active life.

In this blog, we will discuss the benefits of Perth physiotherapy that addresses the top health problems faced by women.

Women’s Physiotherapy:

Women’s physio in Perth refers to the non-surgical treatment specific to various health-related issues affecting women. During the treatment, specially designed exercises are used to help women restore their normal physical activities.

PMS (Premenstrual syndrome):

A physiotherapist assesses the physical effect of premenstrual syndrome in a woman’s body and also the risk factors that significantly impact them before offering a treatment plan. PMS is common among woman, and it can be managed with some relaxation techniques but still many needs physio treatment to overcome the stress and anxiety caused by it.

Treatment includes manual therapy to relieve tension, headaches, and constipation, relaxation point stimulation and electrotherapy. During the treatment, the physiotherapist teaches relaxation techniques and advice on self-care and management to handle the PMS.

Polycystic ovary syndrome:

This syndrome has now become common among women due to the stress and food style. The good news is PCOS is treatable with physiotherapy treatment especially if it is diagnosed early.  Research shows that at least 1 in 15 women of reproductive age has PCOS that causes infertility.

The physiotherapist will provide a customised exercise program that helps in losing the weight gained due to the storage of estrogens and dietary plans to reduce consumption of carbohydrates.

Heart Disease:                                

Physiotherapy in Perth also helps to prevent the onset of heart disease by implementing an effective treatment plan that addresses all the contributing factors. The treatment plan includes advice on smoking cessation, exercise for weight reduction, and improve cholesterol levels. There are also cardiac rehabilitation programs for patients who have had a heart attack.


Post-menopausal women are at the risk of developing osteoporosis. The Physiotherapy in Perth can help prevent bone loss and reduce the risk of bone fractures. Strengthening exercises will be given to maintaining the health of osteoporotic bones.


Pregnancy-related problems like the pain in the lower back, pelvic region, headache, stiffness, muscle pains; muscle weakness of the pelvic floor, weakened abdominal muscles can also be treated with physical therapy.

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