Quit Smoking Laser Light Treatments

Can a laser facial treatment really enable you to quit smoking cigarettes? So how exactly does a laser facial treatment work? Could it be painful?

To begin with, the kind of laser facial treatment we’re speaking about here’s painless, also it is regarded as a “cold laser facial treatment.” You won’t be burned or damaged by any means. The actual treatment methods are done when you are either sitting or lounging lower, plus they shoot this laser to your body through various points in your arms, legs, and so forth. The concept behind the therapy is it can stimulate certain chemical activity in your body, supposedly associated with the endorphins. This can in term result in the people receiving the therapy feel good, basically through dopamine production.

Now whether it can really enable you to quit smoking remains proven. The truth is most stop smoking techniques, like the gum and also the patch, have gone through numerous studies which have proven that they’re more efficient than the usual placebo. These laser light treatments for smoking haven’t yet undergo these numerous studies at this time, because the firms that supply the treatments won’t accept the testing. Which means this by itself casts some shadow of doubt overall process and it is effectiveness.

Bear in mind that exactly the same laser facial treatment can be used to deal with people to lose weight too. This really is another danger signal that something may be amiss here, because it doesn’t always seem sensible that exactly the same procedure perform well for the treatment of both conditions.

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