Plan Your First Spa Visit in Best Way – List of Things to Take and Attire to Wear at Spa!

If you are planning to visit a spa for the first time, you might be definitely excited. However, you may equally be confused about the things you should take or avoid taking and your attire to be worn to the spa, right?

Well, you don’t need to be confused anymore. If you have already booked your appointment, then there is little work to be done now. Read on to get all the answers relevant to what you should wear and what items need to be carried by you on your first visit to spa!

Clothes to wear to spa

Once you will be at the spa, you will likely spend most of your time in a robe. However, choosing the clothing to arrive at the spa might seem to be a difficult choice. Make sure that the clothes you wear are practical and comfortable. Generally, most of the luxury as well as basic spas expect their guests to be more comfortable and not restrained.

So, going for such non-restrictive garments like lounge pants, T-shirts, hoodies, yoga bottoms, etc. can be good options. While sports shoes and trainers are allowed as well, their use can be restricted only in dry areas. It is always recommended to check out the official website to get to know if they have dressing code.

It is important to complete this step before you book your first spa session. A swimming costume or shorts too can be a good option to wear if you desire to travel lightly. If weather is suitable, you can even wear flip flops. Ladies should ensure tying their hairs back and arrive free of makeup to be treatment-ready.

Important things to carry to spa

  • Flip flops – They can ideal to be used in wet areas.
  • Towels – While most of the spas may offer you with towels, you must check it before you travel to your spa.
  • Gym kit – It is necessary if you want to use fitness facilities of the spa.
  • Swimming attire – If you want to use swimming pool, hot tub facilities, or Jacuzzi of the resort, then you will need having proper swimming attire.
  • Sunscreen – Pack sun protection if there is an outdoor pool in the spa you are going to visit.

Overall, facilities and inclusions may greatly vary from one spa package and venue to other. So, make sure to check out the individual listings first and then prepare yourself accordingly.

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