7 Reasons Why Cheap Hair Transplants are Never a Good Idea

If hair loss is becoming a noticeable issue for you, it may be time to consider a hair transplant. However, cost is one factor that can deter people from seeking treatment.

When you really want to address your hair loss but don’t necessarily have the cash to do so, cheaper hair transplant clinics might start looking a lot more attractive. The problem is that basing your decision on price alone can have a number of negative consequences.

Why You Should Think Twice about a Cheap Hair Transplant

The quality of your results will be poor. Unfortunately, cheaper clinics don’t offer the same quality that reputable, high-end clinics can. Opting for a cheaper hair transplant could mean your results will look far more obvious.

Your results are permanent. As a hair transplant patient, you should know that the procedure involves making permanent changes on your scalp. When the hair on your scalp is harvested incorrectly, it can result in scars that will further affect your self-esteem.

The procedure might be more painful. Cheaper clinics have a reputation for getting things done and not paying much attention to the patient’s experience and comfort during the procedure. Some clinics are less passionate about changing lives and more focused on the business side of things, which often means doctors can be neglectful. Since the cost of the procedure will be cheaper, there is also a chance that the anaesthesiologist won’t be up to scratch either.

Your surgeon might not have a lot of experience. Highly qualified and experienced surgeons at New Hair clinics in Sydney & Melbourne have worked hard to obtain their education, which means their prices reflect this. If the price of your procedure seems too good to be true, it could mean that your surgeon doesn’t have the right training or experience necessary for the successful completion of this procedure.

You could end up spending much more than you were planning to. A cheaper hair transplant price might sound appealing now but if things go wrong, it could mean forking additional money out for a different surgeon to try and correct the procedure.

Post-surgical care is generally not a priority. Your post-surgical care is just as important as the procedure itself. Clinics that are more focused on treating as many patients as they can don’t always prioritise post-surgical care, which means your results could be affected. A reputable clinic will always tell you what to expect after your procedure and how to care for your scalp.

There are no guarantees. When you’re dealing with a clinic that’s offering cheap hair transplants, you should probably assume that they’re not affiliated with the right organisations. It’s for this reason that it’s always a good idea to thoroughly research the clinic as well as the doctor who will be performing your procedure before you make any commitments.

The bottom line is if you don’t necessarily have the funds for a hair transplant, it’s better to wait until you can make a plan instead of going for an unusually cheap option.

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