6 Things You Need To Know About Laser Hair Removal!

As the name says, laser hair removal involves using laser light for getting rid of unwanted hair. Basically, the procedure involves using laser through the hair follicle, which damages the hair bulb. The popularity of the treatment has only increased in recent years, and lasers Diode Vectus in clinics around the globe. In this post, we talk about 6 things that people need to know before opting for laser hair removal.

  • Pain is manageable. Contrary to what many may believe, laser hair removal is not that painful. Yes, you may feel some pain and sensation as the laser works on the skin, but the best devices also have a cooling factor that helps in minimizing the effect. Your technician or doctor should be able to explain on more on the experience, but expect no drastic pain with laser hair removal, except for sensitive areas.

  • You will need more than one session. To see the real effects of laser hair removal, you need to undergo at least three sessions. For some areas, even seven sessions are not enough. As for the difference, it is wise to wait for the treatment to get over before you can see considerable difference.
  • Don’t ignore the appointments. Doctors take a call on the appointments based on the stage of hair growth and other factors. If you want to make the most of the money paid for laser hair removal, a good idea is to keep a tab on the appointments.
  • The procedure doesn’t have to last long. Unless you are treating the entire back or both your full legs, laser hair removal doesn’t take a lot of time. For smaller areas, such as the upper lip, it just needs a minute or even less. Talk to your doctor to understand more on how long you have to be at the clinic.
  • Aftercare is necessary. There are a few dos and don’ts both before and after laser hair removal. Firstly, make sure that you avoid sun exposure after the treatment, and doctors also advise against using saunas and gyms for at least one to two days.

  • You may need special skincare. Typically, the regular creams must be avoided immediately after the treatment. Your doctor may suggest certain moisturizers, and it is possible to use cold compresses, as the skin may feel a tad burnt, much like a sunburn.

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