11 Things You Didn’t Know About Breast Reduction Surgery

Living with larger breasts isn’t always fun and games, especially when the additional weight starts affecting your quality of life. Women with larger breasts are no strangers to unsolicited stares, rashes and neck and back pain, but fortunately, breast reduction surgery can help.

According to the American Board of Plastic Surgery, surgeons in the United States perform over 90,000 breast reduction procedures every year. So, if you’re considering a breast reduction, you’re certainly not alone.

11 Breast Reduction Facts

Here are 11 things you might not have known about this popular procedure.

  1. There is no cup size threshold

Breast reduction surgery can be performed on any size breast. Patients who have breasts that hang low, are experiencing back pain or have breasts that are interfering with their physical activities can all benefit from a breast reduction.

  1. Large breasts from puberty are not the only criteria

Breast reductions are not just for women who have had large breasts since puberty. Many women experience changes during different stages of their lives such as falling pregnant, which can also be a reason for seeking breast reduction surgery.

  1. Age is not a factor

There is no ideal age for a breast reduction. If your breasts are causing health concerns and are hampering your quality of life, breast reduction surgery is always an option.

  1. It can be done on an outpatient basis

Breast reductions are not as intense as you might think and can be performed on an outpatient basis, which means that patients can go home the same day. The average procedure takes around 3 hours and is done under general anaesthetic.

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  1. A breast lift will also be required

Even though your surgeon will be removing tissue, the breasts will also need to be lifted to achieve the desired result.

  1. You won’t be able to choose a cup size

Unlike breast augmentation, you won’t be able to decide on a new cup size. You can tell your surgeon what your ideal size would be but there’s no guarantee that’s the cup size you will end up with.

  1. Breastfeeding may become an issue

While most patients are able to breastfeed after their surgery, some women may experience issues due to internal scar tissue.

  1. You may lose feeling in your nipples

Even though it’s quite rare, some women have reported losing sensation in their nipples after their surgery. Some women may get the feeling back after a few months but others may struggle with sensation for life due to scar tissue formation.

  1. Scarring won’t be as bad as you think

Scarring is a major concern for most women considering breast reduction surgery but the scarring is never as bad as you think, especially if you’ve chosen a skilled and experienced surgeon.

  1. Your cancer risk could be reduced

Since breast reduction procedures decrease your amount of breast tissue, it also automatically reduces your risk of developing breast cancer. You can read more about the study here.

  1. Your breasts will still need extra care

Even though your breasts will be smaller after your surgery, it’s still important to wear bras that will support your breasts as they will continue to change over time.

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